A Note on Using This Index

I have provided this index as a way of finding your way back to nodes that you are interested in if you lose your way. I have grouped the nodes according to some rough associations and used indentation to suggest which might be considered somewhat subordinate to others. These subordinate nodes include extended quotations and links out to other WWWeb material.

As something of a side effect, this introduces an element of parataxis into a medium which is otherwise highly hypotactic. In this way it introduces an alternative way of seeing the material, "from above" as it were, rather than from "underneath" by following the links from each node.

Be aware, though, that these clusterings are after-the-fact associations of my own, made necessary by the need for some order in an index and a reluctance to submit to totally random (or perhaps alphabetical) order. Reading the nodes straight through from top to bottom of the index will result in one kind of landscape for the text, but not the only or probably the best, since I have put a lot more work into writing the node-to-node links than into the arrangement of the index. Since most nodes are linked to a number of others, there is a considerable element of the arbitrary in this arrangement.

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