3D Scanning technology by Cyberware now available in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Located in the University of Calgary. We are available by appointment only.Click here for directions.


We have two high end platforms:

The PS

The scan produces a detailed three-dimensional dataset of the facial features and a detailed texture map of the surface color. The Cyberware Head & Face Color 3D Scanner Bundle is famous for its invaluable use in animation and special effects. This scanner has played a role in the movies Star Trek IV, The Abyss, Robocop II, Nightmare on Elm Street, Terminator II, The Doors, Neuromancer, Batman II, Jurassic Park, and many others.

The MS

The Model Shop Color 3D Scanner Bundle is especially well suited to the types of subjects digitized in model shop and animation work, as well as complex objects destined for use in CAD/CAM software.

In operation, the 3030 shines a safe, low-intensity laser on an object to create a lighted profile. A high-quality video sensor captures this profile from two viewpoints. The system can digitize thousands of these profiles in a few seconds to capture the shape of the entire object. Simultaneously, a second video sensor in the 3030 acquires color information. The scanning process captures an array of digitized points, with each point represented by x, y, and z coordinates for shape and 24-bit RGB coordinates for color. The 3030 transfers this data via a SCSI interface to a graphics workstation for immediate viewing and modification.

3d Scanners produce point clouds. These can be easily turned into polygon models and output in formats such as .stl, .dxf and .obj.(wavefront). In addition Prof Denis Gadbois is a certified softimage trainer and can convert data to native softimage format.


A variety of services is available please contact:

Prof Denis Gadbois

University of Calgary

Faculty of Environmental Design

2500 University Drive N.W.

Calgary AB Canada T2N 1N4

403.220.7438 fax 403-284-4399