Dr. Smith
Academic Interests: Fluvial, Deltaic, and Tidal Estuarine depositional systems; some Quaternary research on paleo environment reconstructions of glacial lakes.

Primary Methodologies: Electrical Resistiviy Ground Imaging (ERGI), Ground penetrating radar (GPR), vibracoring, lithostratigraphy, and landform interpretation from aerial photographs.

Brief Biography:

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Major research projects and funding over the past 10 years:

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Awards and Recognition over the past 30 years
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Professonal Organization Memberships:
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Derald Smith

Director of Earth Science Program

Department of Geography

University of Calgary

Earth Science 926

Calgary, Alberta

T2N 1N4

email: dgsmit@ucalagry.ca

Disclaimer: These are NOT official pages maintained by the University of Calgary. All views and opinions expressed herein are those of Derald Smith, and not necessarily those of the University.

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