Smith's Graduate Students
    Moise Coulombe-Pontbriand, Ph.D. Candidate
    Mike Parker, MSc. Candidate

    Paul Tarrant,
    MSc. Candidate

Grad Student photo album
Current Research Projects
Thesis Topics Completed
Leif Burge overlooking the terraces of the Oldman River, Alberta
Vibra- coring Waterton Lake for paleo- hydrologic reconstruction.
Dave Clement and Arron Clack moving vibra-coring equipment over ice, 1997.
Duane Froese, Gary Parkstrom, Nadine Reynolds and John Laughton shoot Ground Penetrating Radar and Electrical Resistivity Ground Imaging to investigate the concept of river grade.
Using Ground Penetrating Radar, Harry Jol examines the sedimentary structure of a barrier-spit complex on the coast of Wash. State.
Duane Froese standing beside the 2.6 
million-year-old ice wedge cast in the Klondike 
gravels that marks the onset of climate cooling and the beginning of the Quaternary Period.
Clement, Smith and Simpson enjoy beer! 

(well o.k., not Simpson)

The sun sets on an 'Otter' float-plane, William River Delta, Northern Sask.

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Current Research:

Coulombe-Pontbriand, M., Use of electric resistivity ground imaging to detect buried valley's from Northern Alberta to Montana. Ph.D

Parker, M., Multi-disciplinary approach to identify the method of  fluvial erosion of the outlet channel,  glacial Lake Great Falls, Montana. MSc.

Tarrant, P., Comparison of shallow seismic, electric resistivity ground imaging, ground penetrating radar, and borehole data from the south extension of the Deerfoot Trail across the Bow River. M.Sc.

Theses supervised over the past 10 years:


Livingston, J.,
Floodbed Sedimentology: a new method to reconstruct paleo ice-jam flood frequency. MSc.


Froese, D., Plio-Pleistocene climate and tectonics of the upper Yukon River, western Yukon and central Alaska. Ph.D


Baines, D., Use of electric resistivity ground imaging to detect the geometry of anastomosing buried river deposits in the Columbia River valley and Rhine River delta. MSc.


Clement, D., Fluvial Geomorphology of the Yukon River, Yukon Flats, Alaska. MSc.

Simpson, C., Fluvial Geomorpholgy of the Milk River, Montana - Alberta. MSc.


Makaske, B., University of Utrecht , The Netherlands, Fluvial hydraulics of anastomosing river systems. (co-supervised with H. Berendsen) Ph. D.

Clack, A., Westward coastal progradation and Holocene history of the eastern end of Lesser Slave Lake, Central Alberta. MSc.


Beierle, B., Early Holocene Environmantal reconstruction inferred from lake sediments, in the foothills and Rocky Mountains of southern Alberta. MSc.

Burge, L., Meandering river eddy accretions: morphology, sedimentology and depositonal processes. MSc.

Froese, D. Sedimentology and paleomagnetism of Plio-Pleistocene Klondike Terraces. MSc.


Mahoney, J., How rivers affect establishment and growth of riparian poplars.* Ph.D. Co-supervised with Dr. Stuart Rood, University of Lethbridge


Young, R., Preglacial (Wisconsinan) paleogeographic reconstruction of the Saskatchewan Gravel valley-fill deposits near Edmonton.* Ph.D.


Molnar, T., Drowning of the Birch River delta and shorelands of Lake Claire, caused by regional isostatic crustal tilting, northeast Alberta. MSc.

Meyers, R., The Willapa barrier spit of Southwest Washington State: depositional processes inferred from ground penetrating radar. MSc.


Fisher, T., Glacial Lake Agassiz: the northwest outlet and paleoflood between 9900 and 9500 BP.* Ph.D.

Jol, H.M., Ground penetrating radar and stratigraphic analysis of lacustrine river deltas.*Ph.D.


Piet, L.J.M., Paleogeography and sedimentology of fluvial point bars, chute-fills and oxbow-fills in the lower Liard River, NWT. MSc.


Miller, L.A., Glacial Lakes Elk and Wigwam, a paleogeomorphic reconstruction, southeastern B.C. MSc.

Sawicki, O., Glacial Lake Invermere, a geomorphic reconstruction. MSc.


Gorecki, R., Sedimentology of channel fills and distributary mouth bar deposits in the modern Athabasca River Delta, northeast Alberta. MSc.

Moorman, B., Use of Ground Penetrating Radar to Interpret Channel-Fill Deposits, Upper Columbia River, B.C. MSc.

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