I mainly teach two classes in the Department of Geography while performing my duties as director of the Earth Science Program, GEOG 307 - 'Landform Processes and Morphology' and GEOG 511 - 'Fluvial Geomorphology and Field Methods'. I also occassionally teach GEOG 201 - 'The Physical Environment

I strive to provide students with 'hands-on' learning experiences, and in physical geography that means field trips!

Course Descriptions:

GEOG 201 The Physical Environment

GEOG 307 Landforms Processes and Morphology

GEOG 511 Fluvial Geomorphology and Field Methods

Pictures from Courses and Field Trips:

GEOG 511 Field Trip: In the field learning about 'anastomosed rivers', Columbia River near Golden, British Columbia

GEOG 307 fieldtrip to the Athabasca Glacier off the Icefields Parkway, Alberta
Grand Coulee Spillway - ripped out by the Mega-Flood from Glacial Lake Missoula, Washington State

Logging a vibra-core sample, Lac Des Arcs, near Canmore, Alberta

Badlands near Drumheller, Alberta

Great Sand Hills, Sask.

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