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Established 1946. Presented annually in August for a book written by an Australian, or a resident of Australia.

*1998 - Catherine Jinks, Eye to Eye (Penguin)

Honour Books

*David Metzenthen, Gilbert's Ghost Train (Scholastic)

*Tim Winton, Lockie Leonard, Legend (Pan Macmillan)

*1997 - James Moloney, A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove (University of Queensland Press)

Honour Books

*David Metzenthen, Johnny Hart's Heroes (Penguin Books Australia)

*Wendy Orr, Peeling the Onion (Little Ark/Allen & Unwin)

*1996 - Catherine Jinks, Pagan's Vows (Omnibus Books)

Honour Books

*Ursula Dubosarsky, The First Book of Samuel (Penguin Books Australia)

*Sonya Hartnett, Sleeping Dogs (Penguin Books Australia)

*1995 - Gillian Rubenstein, Foxspell

Honour Books

*James Moloney, Gracey

*Nadia Wheatley, The Night Tolkein Died

*1994 - Isobelle Carmody, The Gathering, and Gary Crew, Angel's Gate

Honour Book

*James Moloney, Dougy

*1993 - Melina Marchetta, Looking for Alibrandi

Honour Books

*Sue Gough, A Long Way to Tipperary

*Gillian Rubinstein, Galax-Arena

*1992 - Eleanor Nilsson, The House Guest

*1991 - Gary Crew, Strange Objects

*1990 - Robin Klein, Came Back to Show You I Could Fly

*1989 - Gillian Rubenstein, Beyond the Labyrinth

*1988 - John Marsden, So Much to Tell You

*1987 - Simon French, All We Know

*1986 - Thurley Fowler, The Green Wind

*1985 - James Aldridge, The True Story of Lilli Stubeck

*1984 - Patricia Wrightson, A Little Fear

*1983 - Victor Kelleher, Master of the Grove

*1982 - Colin Thiele, The Valley Between

*1981 - Ruth Park, Playing Beatie Bow

*1980 - Lee Harding, Displaced Person

*1979 - Ruth Manley, The Plum-Rain Scroll

*1978 - Patricia Wrightson, The Ice is Coming

*1977 - Eleanor Spence, The October Child

*1976 - Ivan Southall, Fly West

*1975 - No Award

*1974 - Patricia Wrightson, The Nargun and the Stars

*1973 - Noreen Shelly, Family at the Lookout

*1972 - Hesba F. Brinsmead, Longtime Passing

*1971 - Ivan Southall, Bread and Honey

*1970 - Annette Macarthur-Onslow, Uhu

*1969 - Balderson, Margaret, When Jays Fly to Barbmo

*1968 - Ivan Southall, To the Wild Sky

*1967 - Mavis Thorpe Clark, The Min Min

*1966 - Ivan Southall, Ash Road

*1965 - Hesba F. Brinsmead, Pastures of the Blue Crane

*1964 - Eleanor Spence, The Green Laurel

*1963 - Joan Phipson, The Family Conspiracy

*1962 - H.L. Evers, The Racketty Street Gang, and Joan Woodbery, Rafferty Rides a Winner

*1961 - Nan Chauncey, Tangara

*1960 - Kylie Tennant, All the Proud Tribesmen

*1959 - Nan Chauncey, Devil's Hill, and John Gunn, Sea Menace

*1958 - Nan Chauncey, Tiger in the Bush

*1957 - Enid Moore-Heddle, The Boomerang Book of Legendary Tales

*1956 - Patricia Wrightson, The Crooked Snake

*1955 - H.A. Lindsay and N.B. Tindale, The First Walkabout

*1954 - K.L. Parker, Australian Legendary Tales

*1953 - J.H. and W.D. Martin, Aircraft of Today and Tomorrow, and Joan Phipson, Good Luck to the Rider

*1952 - Eve Pownall, The Australia Book

*1951 - Ruth Williams, Verity of Sydney Town

*1950 - Alan Villiers, Whalers of the Midnight Sun

*1949 - No Competition

*1948 - Frank Hurley, Shackleton's Argonauts

*1947 - No Award

*1946 - Leslie Rees, The Story of Karrawingi the Emu

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