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Established 1990 to encourage the development and publishing of high quality Canadian children's books and to stimulate children's desire to read. Books must be created by a Canadian author and/or illustrator. At present, there are three categories in both English and French.

1998 - English

1997 - English

*Ages 7 and under - Don Gillmor and Marie-Louise Gay. The Fabulous Song

*Ages 8-11 - Shelly Tanaka and Laurie McGaw. Discovering the Iceman

*Ages 12 and over - Brian Doyle. Uncle Ronald

*1997 English Shortlists

1997 - French

*Ages 7 and under - Danielle Marcotte, Stéphane Poulin. Poil de serpent dent d'araignee

*Ages 8-11 - Francis Back and Robert Davidts. Jean-Baptiste, coureur des bois

*Ages 12 and over - Jacques Lazure. Le Rêve couleur d'orange

*1997 French Shortlists

1996 - English

*Ages 7 and under - Nan Gregory, author; Ron Lightburn, illustrator How Smudge Came

*Ages 8-11 - Mordecai Richler, Jacob Two-Two's First Spy Case

*Ages 12 and over - Joan Clark, The Dream Carvers

*1996 English Shortlists

1996 - French

*Ages 7 and under - Pierrette Dubé, Au Lit, Princesse Emilie!

*Ages 8-11 - Christiane Duchesne, La Bergere de Chevaux

*Ages 12 and over - Jean Lemieux, Le Trésor de Brion: Roman

1995 - English

*Ages 7 and under - W.D. Valgardson, author; Ange Zhang, illustrator, Thor

*Ages 8-11 - Barbara Greenwood, author; Heather Collins, illustrator, A Pioneer Story

*Ages 12 and over - Sarah Ellis, Out of the Blue

1995 - French

*Age 7 and under - Rémy Simard, author; Héléne Desputeaux, illustrator, Mon chien est un éléphant

*Ages 8-11 - Denis Coté, Le parc au sortiléges

*Ages 12 and over - Raymond Plante, L'étoile a pleuré rouge

1994 - English

*Ages 7 and under - Berny Lucas, Brewster Rooster

*Ages 8-11 - Song Nan Zhang, A Little Tiger In The Chinese Night , and Leo Yerxa, Last Leaf First Snowflake To Fall

*Ages 12 and over - Diana Wieler, RanVan The Defender

1994 - French

*Ages 7 and under - Hélène Desputeaux, Caillou, la petite soeur, and Caillou, le petit pot

*Ages 8-11 - Christiane Duchesene, La 42e soeur de bebert

*Ages 12 and over - Dominique Demers, Les grands sapins ne meurent pas

1993 - English

*Illustration: Yvette Moore, A Praire Alphabet (Text: Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet

*Text (Ages 8 and under) - Sheree Fitch, There Were Monkeys in My Kitchen

*Text (Ages 9-14) - Janet Lunn and Christopher Moore, The Story of Canada

1993 - French

*Illustration - Dominique Jolin, C'est pas juste!

*Text (Ages 8 and under) - Gilles Gauthier, Le gros problème du petit Marcus

*Text (Ages 9-14) - Dominique Demers, Un hiver de tourmente

1992 - English

*Illustration - Barbara Reid, Zoe Board Books (Zoe's Rainy Day, Zoe's Snowy Day, Zoe's Windy Day, Zoe's Sunny Day)

*Text - Dennis Lee, The Ice Cream Store

1992 - French

*Illustration - Stéphane Poulin, Un voyage pour deux: Contes et mensonges de mon enfance

*Text - Christiane Duchesene, Bibitsa, ou l'etrange voyage de Clara Vic

1991 - English

*Illustration - Kady Macdonald Denton, The Story of Little Quack (Text: Betty Gibson)

*Text - Brian Doyle, Covered Bridge

1991 - French

*Illustration - Pierre Pratt, Les fantaisies de l'oncle Henri (Text: Bénédicte Froissart)

*Text - François Gravel, Zamboni

1990 - English

*Illustration - Ian Wallace, The Name of the Tree (Text: Celia Lottridge)

*Text - Kit Pearson, The Sky is Falling

1990 - French

*Illustration - Phillippe Béha, Mais que font les fées avec toutes ces dents? (Text: Michel Luppens)

*Text - Ginnette Anfousse, Rosalie s'en va-t-en guerre

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