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Essential Kid Lit Websites

There's a lot of stuff out there on the Internet, and it's about time I started playing favorites. These are the sites that everyone should know about; the ones that I use and recommend most often. Some of my other favorites are not listed here, though. Elsewhere on these pages, you'll find links to excellent specialized sites for individual authors and publishers, and for topics such as readers' theatre.

Answer to a Teacher's Prayers

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Web Site
One of the best sites yet for reviews, teaching ideas, and creative groupings (by theme, by curriculum area, by grade level) of children's books.
Queen of All the Gophers
Children's Literature: Electronic Resources
When you want information in a hurry, Gophers can be a lot faster than the Web. This is a very complete gopher-based site from New Mexico State University Library. Contains several useful bibliographies, course syllabi, etc.
Tips for Writers, and an Eye on Publishing Trends
The Purple Crayon
Harold D. Underdown is a children's book editor. His articles for writers and illustrators provide some excellent advice, and his insights into the business of children's books are useful to us all.
A Scholarly Approach
Kay Vandergrift's Special Interest Page
Kay Vandergrift is an Associate Professor in the School of Communication Information and Library Studies at Rutgers University. Among her teaching and research interests are Children's and Young Adult Literature, and her Web page is a way of sharing her approach to the subject.
Fairrosa is Fairrosa is Fairrosa
Fairrosa Cyber Library of Children's Literature
An excellent collection of information, links, and enthusiasms from a regular contributor to Children's Literature discussions on the 'Net.
Join an Internet Discussion Group
A Usenet news group devoted to the discussion of children's books.
Mailing Lists related to Children's Literature
Information about KIDLIT-L, CHILDLIT, and other related e-mail discussion groups.
Check an Online Library Catalog...
The Children's Catalog, Bank Street College Library
A library catalogue that provides bibliographic information and summaries of children's books by author, title, or subject. (To limit your search to children's books, choose the menu item for "Children's Catalog")
Or Check an Online Library!
The Internet Public Library
How much of what a real public library delivers can be done on the Internet? You would be surprised. A must visit.
Travel (Partway) Around the World
Library of Congress
Lots of interesting stuff, though not very much specifically related to Children's Literature.

The National Library of Canada
One of the most notable items available here related to Children's Literature is the Library's annual publication, Read Up On It, which provides good annotated lists of Canadian children's books in English and French, and information about recent award winners. Also take a look at the online version of the exhibition The Art of Illustration: A Celebration of Contemporary Canadian Children's Book Authors.

OzKidz Literature
A good general site for information about Australian literature for children and young adults.

Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents
Under "Recommended Books," users can access a searchable database of more than 4000 recommended books in Spanish for children and adolescents published around the world.

Réseau International de COmmunication entre CHErcheurs au Travail en Littérature de Jeunesse. A site in France; in French.

A Writer's Best Friend
Inkspot: Resources for Writers
An exciting website specifically for writers, with sections devoted to young writers as well as children's book writers.
A Guide to Books in General
The BookWire Index
BookWire bills itself as "The First Place to look for Book Information on the World Wide Web." Well, maybe second, after the Children's Literature Web Guide! A very good index to booksellers, publishers, and book-related resources on the Net.

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The Children's Literature Web Guide
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