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Calgary Convention Centre ~ October 3-5, 1996 ~ Calgary, Alberta

Kathryn Cole

The names of editors and publishers are not always familiar to the reader, but the names of the authors and illustrators with whom they work are instantly recognised.

After graduating from the Ontario College of Art in 1969, Kathryn Cole joined Scholastic Canada, working as Art Director with them until 1988, illustrating and designing numerous children's books. Barbara Reid, Phoebe Gilman and Robin Muller were freelance illustrators who worked on their first books with Scholastic during that time.

In 1988 Kathryn was hired as publisher of children's books by Oxford University Press, where she produced over 50 titles during the next five years. Again the names of the authors and illustrators with whom she worked, and the titles of the books published, will be familiar to Kaleidoscope 6 delegates. The Dragon's Pearl by Julie Lawson and Paul Morin was one result of her collaboration during those years.

When Oxford ceased publishing Canadian children's books in 1994, Kathryn moved to Stoddart, where she works today. While still with Oxford, she completed work on a account of her own struggle as a single applicant to adopt two infants from South‚East Asia. The happy outcomes are two active teenagers and Double Take published by Stoddart in 1995.

Kathryn is an involved member of her community, working as an intern at the Toronto Metro Special Committee on Child Abuse in the Crisis Treatment programme, and sitting on the advisory board for the Victim Witness programme in order to ensure the rightsand safety of children who must testify in court.

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