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Peter Dickinson

Peter Dickinson was born and raised in Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). He received his Bachelor of Arts degree at King's College, Cambridge in 1951. He not only served in the British Army, but also as assistant editor and reviewer for Punch Magazine for seventeen years.

He has written several novels for adults, a television series for juveniles and many books for young people. Keeping track of the audience for whom he is writing is not a problem. He knows the voice in which he is writing and does not have to constantly remind himself. Many of his protagonists are female. He says, "...women are more observant. I think that girls are much more aware of social matters than boys, and therefore make much more interesting observers."

Over the years, Peter Dickinson has won many awards for his novels. In 1982 he was placed on the International Board of Books for Young People Honor List for Tulka and The Iron Lion was selected one of New York Times Notable Books. In 1989 he won the Boston Globe‚Horn Book Award for Eva.

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