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Phoebe Gilman

Phoebe Gilman's first book, The Balloon Tree, took 15 years to be published! In the meantime she was an instructor at the Ontario College of Art (OCA), a painter and parent. Her husband, Brian Bender, appears as the king in The Balloon Tree. In 1990 she retired from OCA so that she could be a writer and illustrator fullétime.

Phoebe was born in The Bronx, NY, and studied at the New York High School of Art and Design, Hunter College, New York and the Art Students' League, New York. As a young artist one of her passions was travel and she lived in Europe and Israel for extended periods.

Her published works include the irrepressible Jillian Jiggs and Once Upon a Golden Apple written by Jean Little. In 1993 she was honoured with the Ruth Schwartz Award and the Sydney Taylor Award, both for the book Something From Nothing and the Vicky Metcalf Award for her contribution to the field of children's literature in Canada.

Her advice for aspiring writers includes the admonition to "Read. Read. Read!, Write. Write. Write!"

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