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Calgary Convention Centre ~ October 3-5, 1996 ~ Calgary, Alberta

Photo: Tom Beckley

Kevin Henkes

Kevin Henkes was born in Racine, Wisconsin in November of 1960. He attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison and currently makes his home in Madison with his wife Laura. Kevin remembers drawing at an early age and was encouraged by his parents and teachers. He loves books, re‚reading and looking over his favourites many times. He often wondered about the authors and illustrators but never imagined that one day he would be one ‚ a job he wouldn't trade for anything. At nineteen, he flew to New York, portfolio in hand, hoping to find a publisher. His first book, All Alone was published in 1981.

Kevin's book, A Weekend With Wendell was named Children's Choice Book by the Children's Book Council in 1986. In 1993 he recieved the Elizabeth Burr Award for Words of Stone. Experimenting with words, paint and ink keeps his job interesting.

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