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Diana Wynne Jones

Diana Wynne Jones was born in London, England. There were very few books in the house so Diana, at the age of eight, began to write stories for herself and her sisters. She received her Bachelor of Arts at St. Annes' College in Oxford before she began to write full time in 1965.

It is not surprising that Diana Wynne Jones creates mystery, magic and fantasy in her books for children and young adults. Following the outbreak of World War II, the family moved to the Lake District, a part of the world noted for witches. She says, "what I am after is an exciting and exacting wisdom, in which contemporary life and potent myth are intricately involved and superimposed."

She has won many awards and honours, beginning in 1975 with the Carnegie Commendation for Dogsbody. She has won the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award twice and was nominated for the International World Fantasy Award.

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