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Margaret Mahy

Margaret Mahy was born in Whakatane, New Zealand, the oldest of a family of five which is perhaps why family life dominates her various stories. When she is at home, she spends lots of time writing, ordering the cats and dogs around (not very successfully), and fussing over her granddaughters.

Margaret received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New Zealand then worked as an assistant librarian, and librarian, in New Zealand and England, and as writer‚in‚residence in Canterbury, England. In 1980 she became a full‚time writer, specializing in children's books, and has published extensively in the trade book area, as well as in various educational series.

Margaret won the Eshter Glen Medal of the New Zealand Library Association in 1983 for The Haunting. She has been awarded the Carnegie Medal of the British Library Association three times ‚ for The Haunting in 1982, The Changeover: A Supernatural Romance in 1986 and for The Memory in 1987.

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