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Candace Savage

Candace Savage is a true Albertan. She was born in the Peace River country of north west Alberta and was brought up in small towns in that region as well as in Edmonton, Vermilion and Pincher Creek. After graduating from the University of Alberta in Edmonton as a gold medallist, she lived in the North West Territories and now lives in Saskatchewan. There she shares her home with her sixteen-year-old daughter, Diana, and her partner Keith Bell.

Although a love of language, reading and books were evident in her upbringing, no one ever suggested that Candace would write books herself. This love, paired with an interest in the natural world around her, has resulted in some spectacular non‚fiction books about the animals and birds of Western Canada. She is the author of seventeen books, some of which are available in several languages, and many of which are in every school in Alberta as a gift of the Provincial Government.

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