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Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson's book, Jenny's Neighbours, was his first published book only because the illustrator chosen to illustrate his "Jesse" stories was unavailable. Since then, several books and stories inspired by his daughter Jesse have been published by Annick Press. His experiences working in nursery school and day care in Prince George, BC, have also inspired both his published works and his storytelling.

Richard was born in Alberta and spent much of his youth in small communities of northern Alberta and British Columbia, following his oilfield-worker father. He has lived in Prince George since 1976 and became a full-time writer and storyteller after 10 years as a pre-school teacher and 5 years running a daycare. He wasalso an original member of the Prince George Storytellers' Roundtable.

His draw-and-tell stories and his sand stories are a popular part of Richard's storytelling activities. He spends sixteen weeks each year travelling across Canada and the United States sharing his work with children and adults.

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