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Cynthia Voigt

Cynthia Voigt was born in Boston, MA, and received her education at Smith College. She worked as a secretary and as a teacher before beginning her writing career in 1981. According to Ms Voigt, "I enjoy almost everything I do, perhaps because when I don't enjoy something, I don't do it." She has written many books and short stories, all with well-developed characters, interesting plots and authentic atmosphere.

Cynthia has won many awards for her children's and young adult books. Among these awards were the Newbery Medal for Dicey's Song and, in 1990, the California Young Reader's Award for Izzy, Willy Nilly. Most recently, the versatile author turned to a more gritty, realistic choice of subject matter in When She Hollers, a riveting novel about a teenager who decides to defend herself against her stepfather's abuse.

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