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Diana Wieler

Diana Wieler, born in 1961, grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and moved to Calgary as a teenager. After high school she took the Television, Stage and Radio Arts Program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Working in radio in Calgary, and then for a newspaper in Saskatoon, proved to be valuable training for a writing career, which she now pursues full time. She has since moved back to Winnipeg, with her husband and son, and now writes her young adult novels in "the pit", her basement office.

Diana's favourite book when she was young was L. M. Montgomery's Blue Castle. It made such an impression because "at least the writer visited here [Manitoba] once."

Diana is affected by things she sees and hears. Her first novel, Last Chance Summer, grew out of her experiences as a volunteer on a crisis line. "The whole world is full of stories in motion". She is currently writing the last book of the RanVan trilogy. As well, she has ventured into screen writing and is writing the script for RanVan the Defender.

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