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The Year's Best Books: Annual Roundup Lists

Book awards are all very well, but sometimes you just can't choose one best book, or two, or three, or even ten. Don't just take my word for it; the lists here were compiled by a wide range of groups. Their recommendations should keep you reading well into the next year!

Recommended Book Lists

The Children's Canon: Kids' book authors pick their all-time favorites
William Joyce, Jerry Pinkney, Jon Scieszka, and others make their picks.

Eighteen Highly Recommended Books for Girls[New]
A Sampler from the Ballantine book, Great Books for Girls by Kathleen Odean.

Literature for Teens: Writers' Recommendations
An article from the Hungry Mind Review. Find out what John Updike, Michael Dorris, Joyce Carol Oates and others would recommend.

The Children's Reader Buyer's Guide
Compiled by Randi Robin and Sheila Egoff. From the 1997 Children's Reader Wide-ranging recommendations of books old and new.

100 Picture Books Everyone Should Know
From the New York Public Library.

Favorite Books and Must-Reads (March 1995)
A lengthy list compiled by contributors to Rec.arts.books.childrens. If you have read everything on this list, you can consider yourself truly kid-lit-erate. And you will be too old to be considered a child.

Picture Books for Young Adults
Compiled by Don Yarman from suggestions by CHILDLIT subscribers. Also check Picture Books for the Secondary Classroom by Barbara Brewer, for a list of books related to Social Studies topics.

Popular Canadian Fiction for 12-13 Year-Olds (February 1995)
Compiled by Blanchet Jacynthe.

Sure-fire Can't Miss Books for Junior High Students (September 1994)
Compiled from suggestions by teachers and librarians.

Young Adult Reading
Murray Whitehead, a language arts teacher in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada provides book reviews and lists of recommended YA books at this Web site.

Banned Books

The Most Frequently Banned Books in the U.S., 1990-1992
Most of the banned books on this list are children's books. The list is originally from Banned in the U.S.A. by Herbert N. Foerstel, and is available on the Web as part of the Banned Books page.

Subject Bibliographies

Books With Artistic Protagonists (February 1995)
Compiled by Deidre Johnson from suggestions by CHILDLIT Subscribers.

Brave, Active & Resourceful Females in Picture Books (1992)
Selected and annotated by Claudia Morrow.

Cinderella Stories (May/June 1995)
Originally compiled by Kathy Martin from suggestions by CHILDLIT subscribers; updated to include Internet links to Cinderella stories.

Drum Stories
A list of folktales involving drums and other percussion instruments, compiled by Mary Mark. Includes the full text of one story, The Story of Owl.

Children's Literature on Floods and Natural Disasters (August, 1993)
Compiled and annotated by Lynn Blinn Pike. This is part of an excellent Web site that provides information to teachers about Children, Stress, and Natural Disasters.

Favorite Teenage Angst Books
Recommendations from cafephreak at the Grouchy Café!

Fractured Fairy Tales
Compiled by Besty Fraser. Stories that extend, or parody, or re-cast the traditional fairy tale in a new light.

Gay Characters and Themes in Children's Books
An annotated bibliography, compiled by Wendy E. Betts; with links to reviews from Notes from the Windowsill. Note: if the links to reviews do not work correctly on your system, you can use the volume and issue numbers provided to download the reviews from this alternative site.

Holocaust Literature
Joan Kindig has compiled a very thorough bibliography for grades 5-8.

Jewish Religion and Culture in Children's Books
Another annotated bibliography compiled by Wendy Betts.

Latino People, History, and Culture
An annotated bibliography compiled by Amy Goldenberg. It includes listings of fiction and nonfiction for children and young adults, as well as citations to several other bibliographies.

Medieval World
Several annotated bibliographies to introduce children and young adults to the medieval world and Arthurian legend. An amazingly complete resource.

Books about Money Management
From Merril Lynch's Family Saving Center

Multiracial Families in Children's Books
A annotated bibliography by Wendy Betts.

Native American Books
Reviews from a Native American perspective. In addition to children's books, the page reviews adult-level material and useful material in other media.

Native American Coming-of-Age Novels (February 1995)
Compiled by Judy Carey from suggestions by PUBYAC subscribers.

Juvenile books by North Carolina Authors
Compiled by Sally Lawrence of Joyner Library, East Carolina University.

Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults, 1997[New]
From the Young Adult Library Services Association. Includes 5 topical booklists: Books for the Soul (world religions), Graphic Novels and Picture Books, Lesbian/Gay Tales, Multicultural Fiction, and Stories of our Lives (biography, autobiography, and diaries).

Read Up On It
An annual publication of the National Library of Canada which provides good annotated thematic lists of Canadian children's books in English and French, and information about recent Canadian award-winning books.

Science Fiction and Fantasy for Children: an annotated bibliography for educators[New]
Compiled by Linda Day. A searchable database of over 400 titles. It is possible to search by author, title, and keyword, as well as by type, grade or age level, rating or recommendation, and nationality of author.

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