Scott O'Dell Historical Fiction Award

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Presented for a work of historical fiction published by a U.S. publisher and set in the New World.

*1999 - Harriette Gillem Robinet. Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule

*1998 - Karen Hesse. Out of the Dust

*1997 - Katherine Paterson. Jip: His Story

*1996 - Theodore Taylor. The Bomb

*1995 - Graham Salisbury.Under the Blood Red Sun

*1994 - Paul Fleischman. Bull Run

*1993 - Michael Dorris. Morning Girl

*1992 - Mary Downing Hahn. Stepping on the Cracks

*1991 - Pieter Van Raven. A Time of Troubles

*1990 - Carolyn Reeder. Shades of Gray

*1989 - Lyll Becerra de Jenkins. The Honorable Prison

*1988 - Patricia Beatty. Charley Skedaddle

*1987 - Scott O'Dell. Streams to the River, River to the Sea

*1986 - Patricia MacLachlan. Sarah, Plain and Tall

*1985 - Avi. The Fighting Ground

*1984 - Elizabeth George Speare. The Sign of the Beaver

Monday, June 28, 1999
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