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Children's Publishers on the Internet
[***] indicates an Internet resource that in my opinion is particularly valuable.
[***] Bantam Doubleday Dell Teacher's Resource Centre
An excellent source for teaching guides and biographical information. BDD's Books for Young Readers pages include information about more commercial titles and series books.

Blue Heron Publishing
Publishers of books for teachers, writers, and young adults.

Bungalo Books[New]
Popular and funny books created by Frank B. Edwards and John Bianchi.

Concertina - Books on the Internet
This small publisher was the first to make the complete texts and illustrations of its children's books available electronically.

DK Publishing
Information about Dorling Kindersley's books and multimedia products. The graphics and design on the website are as eyecatching as the books would lead you to expect.

Gareth Stevens Publishing's online catalogue.
Imprints include Gareth Stevens Children's Books, Parents Magazine Press, and GS Multimedia.

[***]HarperCollins Books for Children
Called The Big Busy House, this is a fun and different approach to a publisher's site, and is well worth a look. For Young Adult books, take a look at YA-zine.

Heinemann (U.K.)
There is useful information on this site, though it requires a free registration before you can enter some sections. Imprints include Heinemann Educational, Rigby, and Ginn.

Houghton Mifflin Children's Trade Books
Imprints include Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, Ticknor & Fields Books for Young Readers, and Clarion Books. Houghton Mifflin Educational features seasonal activities at the Kids' After School Clubhouse. This site includes something that I get asked for a lot: Graded reading lists.

Little, Brown Books for Children and Young Adults
Another new location for this site, with more information about.

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill School Division
Information about the company's textbooks and teaching materials, along with some teaching ideas.

Margaret Hamilton Books
An Australian publisher specializing in children's books.

Multicultural Publishing and Education Council
A group of publishers of multicultural materials.

[***]North-South Books
Biographies of authors and illustrators, guides for parents and teachers, news, reviews, and great graphics.

Oryx Press
Oryx Press is the publisher of, among other things, books for teachers related to multicultural and literature-based education. Browse their School Catalog for information about (and often sample chapters of) their publications.

Oxford University Press USA
Recent children's releases are listed in the online catalogues. Oxford University Press UK has a brief page about their Educational and Children's Books division, and information about the Oxford Reading Tree series.

Pan Asian Publications
Pan Asian Publications is a distributor of Asian materials, and a publisher of bilingual (English/Chinese, English/Vietnamese, etc.) books for children.

Penguin USA Children's Books
Biographies of authors and illustrators and information about current releases. Additional information on the Winnie-the-Pooh and Peter Rabbit books. Secondary School teachers (and others) may be interested in the Teacher's Guides to Penguin Authors that are available through Penguin's Academic Division. Guides are available for titles such as The Odyssey, Much Ado about Nothing, James Joyce's The Dubliners, and the selected short stories of Stephen King.

Politically Correct Bedtime Stories
Excerpts from the books by James Finn Garner, and goodies from the CD-ROM as well. Are they children's books? Well....

Prufrock Press
A publisher of books and journals in gifted education.

Puffin Books (U.K.)
"The Puffin House" includes excerpts from novels, information about authors, contests, and more.

Putnam Berkley Read Along Express
The children's divisions of Putnam provide information about recent books and authors. Imprints include G.P. Putnam's Sons, Philomel, and Grosset & Dunlap.

[***]Random House Books for Young Readers
Random House is doing some interesting things on the Web. Spin-off sites with extensive information include Seussville, which features games, contests and informtion related to Dr. Seuss books and products; The Lurker Files, an interactive Internet thriller series for young adults; The Golden Compass, based on Philip Pullman's award-winning book. There are other features as well.

[***]Reed Educational Publishing (Australia)
Excellent teaching resources as well as information about publications. Imprints include Rigby and Heinemann.

Scholastic Canada
Information about the publisher's Canadian books and writers, as well as links to the parent company.

Scholastic Central
This has become more of a promotion for the company's fee-based online service, than a source of information about Scholastic Books, but there is still some stuff here, including links to pages for the Magic School Bus, and Goosebumps products.

Simon Says Kids
Simon & Schuster's website for children's books. There are resources available for parents, teachers and, of course, kids. Among other things, there are useful biographies for a number of authors published by S&S and related children's imprints including Atheneum, Bradbury, Macmillan, and Margaret K. McElderry.

Looking for More Publishers?

There are so many publishers (particularly small publishers) who now have Web sites, that it has become impossible for me to list them all. What you will find here is a subjective list of publishers whose Web sites seem to me to be useful, interesting, or at least promising.

If you don't find the publisher you're looking for here, check some of these pages:

Children's Book Council Members List

Addresses of all US publishers who are members of the Children's Book Council, with links to their Web pages where available. This is as good a directory of US Juvenile Publishers as we are likely to get, and is an excellent resource for prospective writers.

Canadian Publishers' Council

Addresses of member publishers, with links to websites where they exist (usually the link is to the US website), and an excellent Webguide for Publishers featuring links that provide a huge amount of information about how publishers can get on the Web, and why they should!

Small Presses Owned and Operated by People of Color: Publishers of Children's Books

Compiled by the Cooperative Children's Book Center.

The Bookwire Index of Children's Publishers

Another well-maintained list of Web sites.

"Children's Books" from Yahoo's Business Directory

Includes links to many small and single-title publishers. Yahoo's Publishing category includes hundreds more entries; not all of them are juvenile publishers, of course.

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