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[***] indicates an Internet resource that in my opinion is particularly valuable.

[***]Bantam Doubleday Dell Teacher's Resource Centre[New]
There are biographies of authors, and teaching ideas for several novels (recent ones, like Brian's Winter by Gary Paulsen, and old standbys like The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton). Novels are indexed by grade, theme, and curriculum subject.

The BookRead Project and BR_Match (WCU MicroNet)
The BookRead project links students and teachers with partner classrooms, and with the authors of books they are reading in the classroom. BR_Match is an Internet mailing list that was formed to help teachers and students find partner classes with which they can discuss the books they are currently reading.

[***]Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Web Site
One of the best sites yet for teaching ideas using children's books.

Children, Stress, and Natural Disasters
Information and activities that teachers may find helpful after a disaster. Includes a bibliography of Children's Literature on Floods and Natural Disasters.

Children's Literature Association of Utah
Includes teaching ideas for all the 1995-96 nominated titles, and annotations for the 1996-97 titles. Children living in Utah can vote for the winners.

Cinderella Lesson Plans
Teaching ideas by Jean Rusting for the Cinderella variants Tattercoats, Cap o'Rushes, The Twelve Months, and The Princess and the Golden Shoes. Also don't miss the list of Cinderella Stories and Resources

Collaborative Lesson Archive
A place for teachers to share thematic teaching units and lesson plans at any school level. This is a good idea. Contribute your units!

[***]The Doucette Index to K-12 Teaching Ideas for Literature[New]
If you are looking for teaching suggestions related to a specific book or author, this index should help you find out what is available. Please note that this index will lead you primarily to teaching ideas found in books (you remember books, don't you?), but we have also indexed some of the websites listed on this page.

[***]Lesson Plans from AskERIC
A variety of lesson plans on a wide variety of topics. Check the Language Arts and School Library folders, or use the Search feature to find literature-based lessons.

Lesson Plans from Big Sky Telegraph
Check the Language Arts and Social Studies folders for lessons based on children's stories.

North Carolina English Language Arts Curriculum
From The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. The curriculum is being enhanced with the addition of links to lesson ideas.

Penguin Books: Teacher's Guides
Guides are available for titles such as The Odyssey, Much Ado about Nothing, James Joyce's The Dubliners, and the selected short stories of Stephen King. Other Readers' Guides, intended primarily for Reading Groups, are available through another link.

Reader's Theater
Don't forget to check out the excellent teaching resources on the Reader's Theatre section of the Children's Literature Web Guide.

[***]Reed Educational Publishing (Australia)
In Australia. A website for educators that includes information on hot topics and school subjects, and a bookshop where one can read the first chapter of selected titles for adults and teenagers.

[***]Sample Book Ideas from the Young Readers Choice Awards Handbooks
Suggestions for teachers and librarians about introducing eight recent novels.

Scholastic Central
Unfortunately, in recent months, this has become mostly a promotion for the company's fee-based online service. Time will tell if anything useful will remain available for free!
Word games, vocabulary puzzles, and contests.

Teachers & Writers Collaborative
A nonprofit organization that sends writers into schools to teach writing, and publishes some excellent materials on teaching writing.

A Teacher's Guide to Folklife Resources for K-12 Classrooms (1994)
An annotated bibliography of materials prepared for classroom teachers interested in using folk literature, folk arts, and folk music in the classroom. (Publications of the American Folklife Centre, no.19)

Timber Wolf Unit Study Guide (from the Science Museum of Minn.)
A unit that includes an activity on "The Wolf in Children's Literature".
Writers in Electronic Residence
Writers In Electronic Residence (WIER) links Canada's writers with Canada's schools. WIER offers 12 week programs at all grade levels each fall, winter and spring. Visit this site for program information, writer biographies, resources for educators and more.

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