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[***]Parents and Children Together Online
From the ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication. Read stories especially chosen to be shared between parents and children, as well as nonfiction articles on topics of interest to children, and reviews of recent children's books.

Story Hour at the Internet Public Library
Check out the stories at the Youth Division of the Internet Public Library. Stories are presented in a variety of forms, including plain text, text with graphics and audio, and self-running programs.

[***]The Moonlit Road[New]
Features storytellers from the American South. Featured stories change regularly, and are available in sound formats as well as in text.

Spectrum, The Family Internet Magazine
Includes stories, cartoons, and activities for all ages.

[***]Tales to Tell
At Includes extremely well-done illustrated versions of poems, folktales, hero tales, and fables. Stories submitted by young people are available elsewhere at the site. Stories submitted by young people are available elsewhere at the site.

Chapter One of selected Newbery Medal and Honor Books
This site gives you the chance to sample some of the recent Newbery Medal and Honor books. It is also a good site for information on the criteria and procedures for awarding the Newbery Medal.

Storybook Park
Publishes original stories and poems online.

Candlelight Stories
A site that publishes illustrated children's stories online. And it's looking for submissions!

Dodo Land in Cyberspace
Stories to read and complete, environmental activities, and more.

The Realist Wonder Society
Something rich and strange. Among the original stories that may be of interest to young people are The Mole and the Owl, a romantic original fairy tale, Sailing Through, a story that is appearing in serialized form, The Great Mosquito Debate, an environmental fable, and The Last Christmas, the screenplay for an animated film. There is more; look around.

Readers' Theatre
Links to some excellent soruces of reader's theater scripts.

True Stories for American Indian Youth
Stories by and about Native American young people.

Concertina - Books on the Internet
Concertina is a Canadian children's publisher, publishing simultaneously in print and online. They have made the complete text and pictures of their picture books available. Includes Waking in Jerusalem and My Blue Suitcase, by Sharon Katz; I Live on a Raft, by Jerzy Harasymowicz; and The Song of Moses by Seymour Mayne.

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