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Some of these stories are taken from books; others are available only on the World-Wide Web. Some are by well-known authors, and others are by newcomers to children's books.
An online novel about an ant-knight.

Madeline's Friends, Ludwig Bemelmans
Includes the full text and illustrations of three of Bemelmans' less well-known works: The Quito Express, Rosebud, and The Castle Number Nine. When viewed with Netscape, there are some nifty effects. I'm not sure how it will work on other browsers.

The Canyon Door, Kevin Boos
Excerpts from a young adult novel. After the death of his mother, Joe goes backpacking into Hells Canyon with the father he thought had abandoned them.

Flying O'Briens, Kevin Cawley
A story told by two brothers.

Antics: an Ant Thology, Richard Davis
Sample some Ant puns. Goofy fun. (Note: This really only works on a Web-browser capable of displaying graphics)

Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, James Finn Garner
From the Macmillan USA Information SuperLibrary (tm). Excerpts (mostly audio, and one in text form) from the book by James Finn Garner, and now from its sequel, Once Upon a More Enlightened Time. Are they children's books? Well....

The Hole Dewey Dug
A story for children from Headbone Interactive, a software company featuring mulitmedia CD's.

The Magic Jungle, Doug Jackson
A boy travels back in time, sixty-five million years.

StoryWeb, Mike T. Mullen
Stories, and tips for storytelling.

Caddy's imaginary friend Noonie keeps making a mess.

The Goodie Bag, Martin Nygaard
Norwiegian author Martin Nygaard has made some of his stories available in English and Norwegian. The Norweigian-language stories are available here.

A Very Personal Computer, Justine Rendal
Read a sample chapter of this book, recently published by HarperCollins Books for Children.

The End of the Rainbow, Bjarne Reuter, translated by Anthea Bell (New York: Dutton Children's Books)[New]
The sequel to the award-winning Buster's World and Buster, the Sheikh of Hope Street, published only online.

Cool Dog Teddy, Steve Schneider
Stories about a dog, from the dog's point of view; for reading aloud.

The Secret of the Silver Horse
An illustrated children's story about the difference between a good secret and a secret about sexual abuse, and between good touching and sexually abusive touching. Published by the Canadian Department of Justice.

Uncle Eli's Passover Haggadah, Eliezer Segal.
An explanation of the seder in rhyme.

Monkey Business, J.otto Seibold
The picture book by J.otto Seibold and Vivian Walsh has its own Web site (and T-shirts, too!)

Time Tag, Keith B. Shaw
A science fiction novel for young people, complete online. Part of Spectrum, The Family Internet Magazine.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Dr. Seuss
The full text of the book with many of Dr. Seuss' illustrations. There are also contests, and a chance to e-mail the Grinch. This is from Mercury Records, which is releasing the video and CD.

StoryBox Children's Stories
Features a nicely illustrated story called "Bears in the Attic."

Theodore Tugboat - Online Activity Center
Theodore Tugboat is a Canadian television series. His Web site includes an interactive story based on characters from the show, as well as pointers to other Internet resources of interest to children, parents, and teachers.

WebTime Stories with Webster the Spider, stories by Barbara Taylor Webster

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