Tattercoats Word Search

Solution, plus options for expanded use of vocabulary

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These words also can be used for higher-order thinking exercises.

Which words are something that is worn? jewels, petticoat, saddle

Which words have something to do with sound? noisy, trumpets, tune

Which words express attitudes or feelings? bitterly, sincerity, to flout, favorite

Which words are something made of metal? shears, trumpets

These words are nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and one verb. Which are which?

Nouns: channel, chink, flock, geese, gooseherd, herdboy, invitation, jewels, lord, petticoat, rag-bag, saddle, shears, sincerity, trumpets, tune, window-ledge
Adjectives: dainty, glittering, noisy, favorite
Adverbs: bitterly, deeply, thrice
Verb: to flout
Other categories for these words? There are no right or wrong answers.

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