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Young Reader's Choice Award

An excerpt from the Handbook for the Young Reader's Choice Nominees, by Bette D. Ammon and Gale W. Sherman (Pocatello, Idaho: Beyond Basals). Reprinted with permission.

Support Materials

The Pacific Northwest Library Association promotes the award by distributing materials produced by the YRCA Committee. A YRCA ballot and brochure is available from state and regional representatives. Contact your local representative for a free brochure which includes an order form and price list for other promotional materials. Additionally, a videotape is available. This videotape, designed to entice children to read and vote, includes kids giving brief booktalks and author information for all nominated titles. A price list for the videotape and other YRCA-related materials including brochures, seals, ballots, and YRCA posters may be obtained from Terry Hyer, Young Adult Librarian, Pocatello Public Library, 113 South Garfield, Pocatello, ID 83204, (208) 232-1263. Ordering information is also printed on the official YRCA ballot. Powells Books in Portland, Oregon also distributes the YRCA support materials. Contact the Children's Department at 800/878-7323.

An annual Handbook for the Young Reader's Choice Award Nominees contains information about the award and pertinent data about each nominated title including: genre(s), theme(s), readability and interest data, reviews, awards, author information, plot summary, read aloud guide, booktalks, curriculum implementation ideas, and related books of interest. For more information contact Beyond Basals, Inc., 4685 Flora Dr., Pocatello, ID 83204, (208) 233-9717 or Fax (208) 232-3603.

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Saturday, April 12, 1997
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