This quiz can be answered on a formal or informal basis in the classroom. For example some ideas for the use of the quiz are group discussion, jeopardy game style and/or paper-pen format.

Venus Quiz

  1. How long is a Venus Flytrap leaf?_____________cm.
  2. When an insect is caught by the trap, for how many days does the trap stay closed?______________days.
  3. Explain what happens when the trap closes on something other than an insect (blade of grass, twig or raindrop) ? ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Answers to the Venus Quiz:

  1. 7 to 8 cm.
  2. 8 to 10 days.
  3. A blade of grass or twig will close the trap for one day because the grass or twig is not digestable. After one day the trap will open and the twig or grass will be blown away by the wind. The raindrop will not cause the trap to shut because it only hits the trigger hairs once.

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