What is SUCCESS 2004?
Exploring Classic Myths and Legends
Through Digital Filmmaking

Instructor:  Michele Jacobsen, dmjacobs@ucalgary.ca
Teaching Assistant: Jennifer Robinson, jarobin@ucalgary.ca


Overview: You are now a member of a film team. Your team’s current assignment is to create a modern version of a fairly well known story (i.e., legend, myth, fable, folktale, rhyme) using digital filmmaking techniques. Your film team will design and develop a storyboard of your movie, write a script, develop costumes and sets, and film and edit a three to five minute film to present at our Summer Film Festival. There is an unlimited range of possible storytelling topics, from the classic Hans Christian Andersen Fables, Greek myths, Chinese folktales and Mother Goose Rhymes to modern retellings of these classic tales.

You will learn digital filmmaking techniques by making a movie as part of a film team. The main objective for each film team is to preview their modern version of a classic story at our Summer Film Festival. Each film team will complete several related tasks:

  1. Discuss and assign film team roles.
  2. Develop and pitch an idea for a movie based on a well known story
  3. Outline and write drafts of a script for the movie.
  4. Sketch scenes and develop a graphical storyboard of the movie.
  5. Complete casting, scout for locations, and create a shot list.
  6. Shoot film footage using the storyboard, shot list and production schedule.
  7. Edit and assemble footage into a movie with sound track and titles.
  8. Show the completed movie at the Summer SUCCESS Film Festival.

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Two Week Schedule

Essential Questions

Michele Jacobsen is an assistant professor specializing in educational technology in the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary. Michele has designed meaningful learning opportunities with technology for student teachers and graduate students for more than a decade. Part of Michele’s research focuses on the ways that children develop multiple literacies using digital and networked technologies. She has two cats, a baby and a husband.

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