Woodlawn Baptist Cemetery
Digby, Nova Scotia

Woodlawn Cemetery overlooks Digby harbour and the Bay of Fundy. It is probably the only Victorian cemetery we visited on our trip. By "Victorian" I do not merely mean that it contains burials from the Victorian era, but that its design, layout and landscaping are deliberate and in keeping with the sensibility of the Victorian era. In this cemetery we can see all the regular features of any Victorian cemetery such as the wrought iron fence surrounding the grave seen here. Note the unusual circular shape to this plot. Circular features are often found in Victorian cemeteries - particularly in roadways - but this is the first one I have seen where a burial plot has been incorporated into that feature.

In Digby we also saw examples of the standard symbols decorating graves of the 18th and 19th century, including some variations I had not seen before. I particularly like the broken chain on the grave of a young wife with the epitaph "Parted Below United Above".

Even though it is called a Baptist cemetery, Woodlawn contains the graves of many denominations including ones of the small Jewish community of Digby.