Police Dog Cemetery

RCMP Police Dog training facility;
Innisfail, Alberta

The Alberta RCMP Police Dog training facility is located mid-way between Bowden and Innisfail on the number two higway. Ironically (or maybe not so), the facility was built directly across the highway from a prison.

A special bond exists between a Police Dog and handler, a bond which can not be adequately explained to those who are not a part of such a team. The dogs who are interred at the small cemetery next to the training facility were honoured solely at the expense of the officers who worked with the individual dogs.

Also honoured at the facility is the RCMP's first official Police Dog, Dale of Cawsalta, who is represented by a life-sized statue in front of the kennells. The statue was originally installed at Brooks (the home of Dale and his partner John Cawsey) but was moved to the training facility because of vandalism.

The facility does give tours but make sure you call ahead to see if one is available; they are in the business of training Police Dogs, not giving tours.