Some Maritime Cemeteries
What I did on my Summer Vacation
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For those of us who are interested in cemeteries and what they can tell us about our communities, the Canadian Maritime provinces are an absolute joy: there is literally a graveyard around every corner. We had decided to travel to Halifax to take in the Tall Ships Festival in July, 2000 and extended our stay so that we could travel through New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and other parts of Nova Scotia. Below are photos from some of the cemeteries we visited on our trip along with my impressions and some of the history found in each.

The cemeteries in the Maritimes represent some of the oldest graveyards in Canada and are in various states of repair. As you will see, some of the larger centers have societies which care for, preserve, and restore the monuments, some are lucky enough to have found wealthy benefactors to help pay for the cost of preservation, but others are not so fortunate - a situation which is reflected in the condition of the monuments.

But, you are asking, where are the graves of the Titanic Victims? The victims of the Titanic disaster are buried in more than one cemetery in Halifax Nova Scotia. Visiting these sites was, quite frankly, not a priority with me as so much has been said over the past couple of years about the disaster and its victims. There is so much maritime history in Canada which has been overshadowed by the recent resurgence in the Titanic that I wanted to concentrate on some of the other aspects of cemeteries in the Maritimes. Besides, we did run out of time while in Halifax (there is a lot to see there).

The cemeteries below are listed in the order in which they were visited and are meant to give just a taste of the culture and history of the area. For all those tombstone tourists out there, I highly recommend visiting the Canadian Maritimes.

These pages may take a while to load, depending on the number of images involved. I wanted to present the images in as much detail as possible.

  • Woodlawn Cemetery: Digby Nova Scotia
  • Valley Cemetery: Freeport Nova Scotia
  • Wilmot United Baptist Church: Wilmot, Nova Scotia
  • Terrace Hill Cemetery: Truro, Nova Scotia
  • The Old Burial Ground: Saint John, New Brunswick
  • The Old Burial Ground: Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Cavendish Cemetery: Cavendish, Prince Edward Island (the home of Anne of Green Gables)
  • Christ Church Cemetery: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  • The (Old St. Paul's) Buring Ground: Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia