Three Hundred Mounted Men

The Mounted Policemen of Calgary's Cemeteries

"These are the fearless fighters, whose life in the open lies,
Who never fail on the prairie trail 'neath the Territorial Skies,
Who have laughed in the face of the bulletts and the edge of the rebel's steel,
Who have set their ban on the lawless man with his crime beneath their heel;
These are the men who battle the blizzards, the suns, the rains,
These are the famed that the North has named, 'The Riders of the Plains'..."

From, "The Riders of the Plains" byTekahionwake (E. Pauline Johnson)

The founding of the City of Calgary is so connected with the history of the North West Mounted Police that any discussion of Calgary cemeteries would be lacking without the inclusion of the Mounties interred there. Some of the men listed below were members of 'F' troop who established Fort Calgary in 1875.

In the case of Union Cemetery, there are two areas which are reserved for members of the Mounted Police. The two rows near the bottom of Section 'D' were given to the NWMP when Union Cemetery was established in the 1890's these plots are now administered by the RCMP Veterans Association. The plots near the bottom of Section 'S' were purchased by the Veterans association and have been in use since the 1930's.

The serving members of the RCMP are charged with inspecting and caring for the graves of members who have passed on and the graves are inspected at regular intervals.

The text on each page is from the programme notes for a walking tour I developed of Burnsland and Union cemeteries. As I have not footnoted each page please read my Bibliography page for source information.


Burnsland Cemetery

Col. Walker (Citizen of the Century)
Robert McCutcheon (First Canadian to meet Sitting Bull)
John and Geraldine Moodie (the Photographer and the Mountie)


Union Cemetery

Section D

William T. Reading*
A. F. (Fred) Brooke* and his brother (two brothers named "Arthur")
Francis "Happy" Davies*
Thomas J. Kempster (co-founder of the Musical Ride)
Sir Cecil Denny (a founder of the City of Calgary and a friend of the Blackfoot People)
Thomas Wallace* (a victim of the "Dukhobour murders")
Alex Gamman* (a true hero)
D. C. Baldwin (tragedy and sadness)

Section S

Gilbert Sanders (a veteran of three wars)
A. E. C. McDonell (four generations of Mounties)
Ralph Kendall (author and horseman)
John Cawsey (and the beginnings of the K9 unit)
Percy Thomas (and the capture of Bill Miner)
James B. Moore (Better late than never)
George Gamsby (bachelor cabins and moonshine stills)
Daniel "Peach" Davis (the Mountie who thrilled two continents)

Section L

George Bossange* (killed by lightning)

Section B

Col. James F. Macleod (the most famous Mountie of all)
James Colvin (a founder of Calgary, lost but not forgotten)
Simon John Clarke (intrigue in civic politics)
George Clift King (first mountie to stand on the site of Fort Calgary)


St. Mary's Pioneer Cemetery

Mary Deane (a love story)


* denotes members killed on duty who appear on the
Honour Roll

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