Terrace Hill Cemetery
Truro, Nova Scotia

This well manicured cemetery is located next to the College in Truro and gets its name from the terraced landscape surrounding the cemetery. Although most graves here are of the 20th century, there is a connection between this cemetery and one somewhat older. The cemetery in the Churchyard of St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church was closed down and many of the markers from the cemetery were relocated to Terrace hill and are lined up on the South side of the cemetery. They do not, however mark the graves of those whose names appear on them. Some of the people from St John were re-interred in Terrace hill and can be found throughout the cemetery.

Notable in this cemetery is the Stanfield family plot. The Stanfield family (of Stanfield Underwear fame) built their first woolen mill in Truro. The family is also know in Canadian politics for Robert Stanfield (the former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party) and the Honourable Frank Stanfield who was lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia from 1930 until his death in 1931.

Again, there were many variations of well known symbols inscribed on the markers in Terrace hill. My favorite is this hand holding a broken chain. This marker shows the evidence of a treatment that is much too common amoung markers in the Maritimes: the habit of painting tombstones which obscures much of the detail. You can see worse examples of this practice at the Fredericton Old Burial Grounds.