Wilmot United Baptist Church
Wilmot, Nova Scotia

Cemeteries and Genealogy go hand in hand: those interested in genealogy are usually interested in cemetery studies and vica-versa. If you have family connections in Nova Scotia, there is a vast quantity of information available in even the smallest towns. Be prepared, though, as sometimes you need to make an appointment to access documents.

We stopped at the Wilmot United Baptist Church to visit the grave of my Wife's great-great grandparents, Annie Redding Flint and the Reverend William Croscomb Brown who are buried in the churchyard there, close to the gate. The stone (at the center of the photo) shows just how much family information is available in cemeteries. It reads:

"In Memoriam Rev William Croscomb Brown For 80 years a faithful minister of the Methodist Church of Canada Died May 6, 1901 aged 67 Yrs. Annie Redding Brown his wife daughter of John and Ann Flint of Yarmouth NS Died July 7, 1898 Aged 58 yrs. Even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him"

Like most Protestant churches in the east, the Church and the graves are aligned in the traditional East-West fashion.