Integrated and Optimal Concurrent Design

My major research focuses on modeling of product life-cycle aspects, such as design and manufacturing, and development of integrated and optimal concurrent design systems considering these product life-cycle aspects. This research was supported by Discovery Grants of Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada, Gienow Windows and Doors, Ballard Power Systems, and Versa Power Systems. This research was started at University of Victoria and continued at University of Calgary.

Theoretical Achievements

Concurrent design is an approach to incorporate the considerations in down-stream product development life-cycle phases, such as manufacturing, operation, and maintenance, into the early design stage for reducing production development lead-time and costs, thus improving competitiveness of products. The theoretical achievements are summarized as follows.

Industrial Applications

A number of industrial applications have also been developed based upon the introduced mathematical models and the prototype systems. These industrial applications are summarized as follows.

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