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Seismology studentship opportunities in Dave Eaton's research group

I am currently seeking students in all areas of my current research interests . In particular, I welcome applications from prospective M.Sc. and Ph.D. students interested in working on microseismic monitoring at the reservoir scale. These studies will focus on theory and applications of microseismic monitoring, including hydraulic fracture stimulation of tight-gas reservoirs, carbon capture and storage, heavy-oil stimulation and mining-related studies. Projects may involve field work, knowledge transfer from earthquake seismology to microseismic monitoring and/or adaptation of seismological computer algorithms and are expected to commence in May 2013. Graduate students in my group receive a funding package that includes teaching and research assistanceships with an aggregate annual value of about $22K CAD or more. This level of funding is sufficient to live comfortably in Calgary.

Interested students should consult the graduate information pages for the Department of Geoscience . Please contact our graduate program co-ordinator () to obtain application materials and for general information about application procedures. Prospective students should also consult the web page for the Faculty of Graduate studies .

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Page updated 2 March, 2012