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Dave Eaton's Current and Recent Grad Students

Jubran Akram (Ph.D. UofC): Processing and analysis of microseismic observations from hydraulic fracture treatments
Kadircan Aktas (Ph.D. 2009, UWO): Lithospheric structure of the western Grenville orogen from teleseismic studies.
Catrina Alexandrakis (Ph.D.,2011, UofC): Studies of Earth's outermost core by array analysis of SmKS phases.
Neda Boroumand (MSc, UofC): Geomechanical modelling of microseismic sources.
Farshid Forouhideh (M.Sc.,2011, UofC): Microseismic moment-tensor analysis phases.
Shutian Ma (Ph.D. 2010, UWO): Origin and characteristics of intraplate seismicity of central and eastern Canada.
Agnieszka Pawlak (Ph.D. 2012, UofC): Ambient noise tomography of Hudson Bay.
Kimberly Pike (MSc, UofC): Anisotropy and uncertainty in microseismic source locations
Rebekka Steffen (Ph.D. UofC): Seismicity and postglacial rebound in the Hudson Bay region
Andy St-Onge (Ph.D. UofC): Analysis of noise in microeismic data