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With the publication of the 13th Volume in 2009, EGallery has made available over 75 scholarly works created by MT Students.

EGallery was established in 1999 to provide an electronic medium for international publication and consideration of exemplary scholarly work produced by Master of Teaching students in the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary. 

EGallery's mission is to provide an electronic medium for international publication and consideration of exemplary scholarly work produced by Master of Teaching students in the Faculty of Education. The EGallery accepts the premise that the work presented is that of first and second year students whose perspectives and viewpoints are constantly growing and changing.  The EGallery editorial team seeks submissions of critical essays, independent inquiries, themes of teaching, case work and biographies of learning from first and second year Master of Teaching students. 

All submissions are subject to a review process. To be considered for review, submissions must coincide with the EGallery's mission, and adhere to publication and submission guidelines. Contributors are responsible for familiarizing themselves with each of these requirements, along with the ethical guidelines for both authors and the editorial team. 

Published works express the viewpoints and/or narratives of the original authors and do not necessarily reflect the official positions of the Faculty of Education or the University of Calgary.

Publication and Review Guidelines

  • The EGallery publishes as submissions are reviewed and accepted. There will be a minimum of one volume published per year.
  • All submissions are subject to a blind, editorial and/or peer-review process. 
  • Submissions are accepted at any time during the year.
  • Should EGallery or the author want to reproduce any published work, which results in copyright being transferred to a third party, the permission of both the EGallery and the author(s) will be required.
  • Contributors must keep the EGallery up to date with contact information (i.e., current e-mail address), and be prepared to have their work viewed for at least one year before it is archived.
  • The views presented in the EGallery are those of the contributors, and it is expected and accepted that over time, the views and opinions presented in published contributions may change.
  • For those submissions accepted for publication, the specific formatting for final publication will be the responsibility of the contributor. EGallery will format the final submission for publication on the web.
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Submission Guidelines

  • The EGallery is a web-based, peer-reviewed publication. Therefore, paper submissions will not be accepted.  Manuscripts are accepted electronically as an e-mail attachment -
  • ABSTRACT - In order to be considered for the review process, an abstract (maximum 75 words) must accompany the manuscript.
  • Authors must use the American Psychological Association (APA) style guidelines for all references and citations.
  • LENGTH - Aim for 5000 words or less (excluding references). The editors reserve the right to make changes that improve the clarity or brevity of manuscripts.
  • FILE FORMAT - Rich Text Format (RTF) files with embedded graphics and charts are preferred. Files will be accepted as Word, RTF and/or HTML documents. 
  • Submissions will only be considered for review if they are accompanied by the recommendation of a faculty member or instructor from the Faculty of Education. Recommendations must be a joint effort. The student may approach a student-selected faculty member or instructor for a recommendation. The faculty member / instructor who assessed the work may approach the student with a recommendation that the work be submitted to EGallery for review.  A faculty member's / instructor's recommendation for a work to be considered for publication by the EGallery can be e-mailed to and should include the author(s) name, title of submission, and the faculty member's / instructor's recommendation that the contribution be considered for review. 
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Ethical Guidelines for Authors

  • The author(s) has provided complete and accurate citations.
  • The author(s) have used inclusive language.
  • In the case of multiple authors, each author who is attributed to the submission has contributed significantly to the piece.
  • The author(s) has secured written permission from the holder of any copyrighted material.
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Ethical Responsibilities of the Editorial Team

  • The editor & editorial team are responsible for the academic calibre of the contents of the EGallery.  The editorial team also recognizes that many works are to be considered a work in progress, and that this work represents a process of individuals developing as future teachers and learners.
  • The editorial team is responsible for ensuring that proper review procedures are followed and for making final decisions regarding the acceptance or rejection of submissions.
  • The editorial team directs the blind review process.  Submissions deemed appropriate for publication will have been reviewed by at least two referees.
  • The editorial team will ensure that submissions are reviewed in a timely fashion. The author(s) will be notified by e-mail as to the date their submission was received for consideration.
  • The editorial team is responsible for efforts to ensure the privacy of both the contents and authorship of submissions under review.  Every effort will be made to ensure that only those individuals concerned with reviewing a submission for publication will have access to that submission.
  • When evidence of plagiarism, duplicate publication or falsification of data/information arises after submissions are published, the editorial team will inform the EGallery audience.
  • The editorial team will request evidence of ethical approval for research of human subjects from the author before publication.
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Version: September 1, 2009, Dr. Michele Jacobsen

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