What does it mean to become a teacher, and how does one best learn to take on the knowledge, skills and aptitudes for teaching? In the MT Program, we believe that such questions are best pursued through forms and experiences of inquiry-based learning. Throughout the two years of the program, our students are invited to develop understandings of the multiple and complex dimensions of teaching, curriculum, pedagogy and learning through experiences in our university classrooms and in schools. Inquiry requires of students to develop habits of insight, dialogue with others, research, and ways to communicate understanding in written and other forms of representation. Not least, inquiry offers our students the opportunities for self understanding and the resources to take up teaching as the life-long endeavor of learning, and teaching as the practice of good judgment.

The work of students highlighted in our EGallery demonstrate in exemplary fashion the quality of work that is the result of inquiry and engagement with practice and the broader knowledge base in the educational literature. I hope that these examples of student work will be of interest to you, informative about educational questions, and not least, provide you with a sense of what our graduates may contribute as future teachers and educational leaders in our communities.

Hans Smits

Associate Dean, 2004 - 2009
Division of Teacher Preparation


The quality of work generated by students in the MT program is a matter of pride to all of us associated with them. The EGallery gives one public face to teacher preparation at the University of Calgary by highlighting some of this work which has come to our attention as being exemplary. I hope that you, the visitor to this website, will take the same delight in examining the works found here that we take in making them available to you. I hope also that you will recognize a foreshadowing of the educational leaders of tomorrow. Enjoy!

La qualité du travail générée par les étudiants dans notre "MT program" est une question de fierté pour tous ceux associés avec eux. "EGallery" permet de présenter le travail exemplaire du département de líéducation, de líuniversité de Calgary. En tant que visiteur à ce site díinternet, jíespère que vous profiterez de líopportunité de regarder les travaux, que nous avons de disponible pour vous. En espèrant que vous allez reconnaître nos enseignants de demain. Merci

W. Bruce Clark
Associate Dean, 1999 - 2004
Division of Teacher Preparation

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