Prototype Issue

Reflection of Teaching Experience - an Independent Inquiry, Year 1

Deena Sallomy

This inquiry is based on the planning and teaching processes for a math unit, comprised of six individual lessons. for twenty-six grade one students. The objective of the unit was to instruct the students in counting and understanding the value of coins. The goal of the unit was to help students become able to differentiate between each coin and use money in a consumer setting. This paper offers a reflection on the planned curriculum - my lesson planning and thinking processes, and the lived curriculum - the lesson that actually evolved in the classroom.

Reconstructing Mathematics: Constructivism, Art, Integration, and Coming to Know  - an Independent Inquiry, Year 1

Colin McCracken

In my school years there was no art in math, and I don't know if art is needed to make math more comprehensible for students. If art is passion, then this is what math needs. It may need teachers to discover the passion in math much like actors discover the passion in the written word. In that sense we must find the art that exists in math, by finding its' passion.

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