Volume 13 - Winter 2009

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Integrating Technology into Social Studies: The Potential to Promote Inquiry and Meaningful Learning in 21st Century Learners, A Semester Four Independent Inquiry, 13(1)

Sylvianne Mount

In this independent inquiry, Mount explores the phenomena of learning with technology. While mere presence does not equal good use, the influence of technology in education is growing and if the current trend persists, technology will play an even more dominant role in learning in the future. The question then is not whether technology will be used in education, but rather what its role should be and how it can be used most effectively. In this independent inquiry, Mount examines the realities of a 21st Century learner, the skills students need to develop in the area of social studies and how integrating technology into learning experiences will help students to meet these objectives. The potential benefits and challenges posed by technology are examined with the focus being on how to mitigate the challenges and maximize the potential benefits technology has to offer.

A Scrapbook of My Beginning Journey, A Semester One, Biography of Learning, 13(2)

Chalcey Klein

My first six weeks in the MT program have been an emotional roller coaster. My experience as a learner up to that point in time was of a passive role and I was oblivious to the real significance of what and how it meant to learn and teach.  ...The book “The Courage To Teach” by Palmer (1998) is still one of the most inspiring readings for me to date.   I was confused at first glance at the first chapter. Why did I have to know myself in order to truly know and teach students? ...I placed a picture of a classroom from the 1900’s and below it pasted the word “CRISIS” because I learning in lecture that today’s schools are still built on the same idea of efficiency that traditional classrooms were born from. I had no idea that schooling was so outdated! ... The final page in my scrapbook looks less full in comparison to the other pages but looks are deceiving. By the end of this final week in the Learners and Learning theme, I know that I have the capacity to “make a difference” in the profession of teaching and in my future students lives.

Technology, New Literacies and Poetry, A Semester Four Independent Inquiry, 13(3)

Christine Hoffman

In this independent inquiry, Hoffman explores how technology has changed and influenced how we teach Secondary English Language Arts. She examines new literacies and their connection to technology. Hoffman looks at how poetry relates to new or multiple literacies and the technology based poetry unit she implemented in a Grade 10 English Language Arts class. Hoffman sought a deeper understanding about the influence that technology has had on the implementation of English Language Arts curriculum with a specific focus on a poetry unit in a Grade 10 English Language Arts class.

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