Volume 3 - Fall 2001

Ethics and the Review Process: An Editorial

Colleen Connolly, David Peppin and Michele Jacobsen

It is our hope that the diverse ideas and range of perspectives published in EGallery inspire its readers in some way. It is a challenge and an accomplishment for an author to successfully publish in EGallery. The editorial team is grateful to the scholars whose work has been nominated for publication in EGallery. 

Learning to Teach: Crafting Self with Sensitivity 3(1) - Themes of Teaching, Semester 3

Danica Burrows

Each of us is a work in progress.  We forge our intellect, our aesthetic sense, our conscience and our character through the experiences, ideas and individuals that touch our inner selves and inspire growth and change. Life is the forming and defining of our "self" and participating in the self-definition of others. We have choices in this process. 

Constructivism in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom 3(2) - An Independent Inquiry, Semester 1

Nancy Pon

The goal of this report is to discuss the nature of teaching and learning based on the pedagogical applications of constructivism in secondary mathematics education.  By examining the advantages and disadvantages of this approach to education, a strong case is made for embracing constructivism in mathematics education.

Motivation And Learning 3(3) - An Independent Inquiry, Semester 1

Karen Neufeld

This independent inquiry examines some of the issues to do with motivation, and the role of competition in motivating students.  What are the benefits of competition?  In what ways might competition be harmful for some students?  Are there alternatives to the competitive motivators often used in the classroom?  How can I, as a teacher and/or as a mother, help children to feel empowered and inspired to learn? I begin this inquiry with a basic question:  "What is motivation?"

Constructing Knowledge of Information and Communications Technology in the Master of Teaching Program 3(4) - An Independent Inquiry, Semester 2

Nancy Young

This inquiry into ICT for teaching and learning has been a learning experience. As I write, new products are being invented and new ways of thinking about educational practice are being formulated. My personal growth changes daily as I become more comfortable with information and communications technology, and use it more extensively. The linking of theory and practice has been both astounding and exciting. The inquiry process has enabled me to feel like an academic, a teacher, a student and a citizen of an evolving society.

Reasons To Teach 3(5) - A Teachers and Teaching Biography of Learning, Semester 1

Renee Fagnou

My second biography of learning began by revisiting my creation narrative. I have included themes from Case readings, Professional Seminar readings, class discussions, lecture topics and my experiences in the Field. I believe this exercise has been valuable because I have re-examined my creation narrative in the context of what I have learned during the Teachers and Teaching theme. I believe my desire to become a teacher flows from three places. In outlining these three areas, I hope I will be able to explain further my creation narrative and better understand my desire to be a teacher.

Themes of Teaching 3(6) - Semester 3

Gaylen Stricker

I felt it necessary to begin with that which I learned was most pivotal in my extended field experience--going forward. Throughout my practicum, I found myself grasping for information and understanding from past experience, but in terms of my own feelings and understanding, I found little I could recognize from my past. I found myself hanging on an unknown precipice with no knowledge of how I had gotten there, nor why I could not see my way out of this predicament. 

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