Volume 4 - March/April 2002

The Traveller , 4(1) - Semester 1, Biography of Learning (Learners and Learning)

Luke Sandham

A movie captures the story of a fantastic journey. The video account is further supplemented with textual narrative. A traveller explores new worlds, and each new world reveals insights about what it means to be a learner and what it means to learn. The traveller is fascinated by these new worlds. Each one seems very alien to him at first. Yet, each leaves him with a sense of familiarity, a sense that each world holds secrets or truths that he must carry with him to the end of his journey. In some worlds, his presence actually affects his perception of the environment. Along the way there are events that subtly shape his faith, alter his sense of direction, or disturb the visions that led him to the journey in the first place. In the end, he realizes that he is not finished his journey; he has merely reached the first stage of a much larger adventure and thus prepares for what might come next.

Traveller Struggles to Find Answers, 4(2) - Semester 1, Biography of Learning (Teachers and Teaching)

Luke Sandham

The traveller's story continues in this second biography of learning. Fragments of a journal or diary believed to belong to missing traveler Luke Sandham are found near a crossroads high in the East Mountains. Speculation about the journal's author is revealed in several newspaper articles. Examine both the journal fragments and the newspaper stories in this chronological tale. Listen to a radio broadcast of an interview with the traveller after he emerges from the East Mountains.

Gifted Education – Why Does it Matter?, 4(3) - Semester 2, Independent Inquiry

Jane Mawson

The needs of gifted children are often not met in our classrooms today. Is this why many of them underachieve? In this Independent Study, I address the questions: Why does gifted education matter? What are the different types of giftedness? What is underachievement, and why is it so common for gifted students? What can I do as a classroom teacher to better meet the needs of this group, who are as differentiated from the average as those who have learning difficulties?

To Teach: My Story, 4(4) - Semester 1, A Considered Response to Teachers and Teaching: Case One

Nicole Stewart

In this considered response to the first case in Teachers and Teaching, Nic Stewart describes the process of gathering images and words to describe her becoming as a teacher. Stewart writes reflectively, passionately, and critically about events and experiences that are highlighted in a series of collages that form a scrapbook about her journey.

Perspectives on Social Promotion and Retention in Elementary School, 4(5) - Semester 1, Independent Inquiry

Jane Mawson

Current policy in many Boards of Education across Canada is one of social promotion unless the parents insist upon retention. Is social promotion the best alternative for struggling students? What are some other alternatives for our students? This Independent Inquiry paper is situated in personal experience and explores some of the arguments surrounding promotion and retention in Canadian elementary schools.

Likening Teaching to Tatting, 4(6) - Semester 1, Biography of Learning (Teachers and Teaching)

Cheryl Paavola

This narrative incorporates learning from all threads of the Master of Teaching program; Case Seminar, Field Seminar, Professional Seminar, experiences from my Field Placement and my Community/Workplace Placement, my Independent Study, and past experiences of teaching and learning. A comparison is made, likening the experience of teaching to that of tatting, a form of lace-making using cotton thread and shuttles.

To Know the Child: A Study of the History of Native Education in Canada, 4(7) - Semester 1, Independent Inquiry

Nicole Stewart

This independent study project was undertaken because of a desire to know myself, and to find my place as a teacher in our world. I am of Native ancestry, but know little of my history. This work is an attempt to situate myself within a complex educational system and learn about our past in order to foresee a better future. My education has begun.

Becoming a Teacher - Building a Solid Foundation, 4(8) - Semester 1, Biography of Learning (Learners and Learning)

Steve Rasko

At first glance, the undertaking of building a home and the pursuit of a teaching career appear not to have anything in common. Upon closer inspection, however, we come to see that success in both fields is ultimately dependent on the same factor – a solid foundation. Fruitful and rewarding careers are possible in both endeavors if one takes the time to find the requisite tools needed for constructing the footing upon which everything else will be built.

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