Volume 8 - February 2005

History and the Alberta Social Studies Program of Studies: Content and Curriculum Enhancement, A Semester 2 Research Paper for Case Seminar, 8(1)

Janson Chan

This paper explores both the content of current and proposed Alberta Programs of Study as well as the ways to enhance the study of history within an interdisciplinary social studies course for students and teachers. Technology, fine arts and inquiry can diversify the approaches to teaching and learning history, which will make it more interesting and relevant to students in the 21 st century.

Teaching and Gender Perspectives In the English Language Arts Classroom, A Semester 2 Independent Inquiry, 8(2)

Don Comeau

Through the English language arts, we learn to interpret reality through the literary texts of our culture. Boys and girls arrive at our classrooms with gendered perspectives that were often formed in infancy and developed through childhood and adolescence. The degree to which English language arts teachers challenge or reinforce those perspectives may influence how their students will view the world in the future as adults. In this paper, I explore the formation and development of gendered perspectives, identify gender biases in culture and English language arts education, and consider ways in which teachers might respond to gender issues.

Multiple Intelligences: Theory and Pedagogy, A Semester 1 Independent Inquiry, 8(3)

Don Comeau

Multiple Intelligences is a theory of cognitive development and intelligence. Drawing on research from several and diverse fields of study, this learning has attracted the interest not only of psychologists, but of educators as well. The theory was developed, in part, as a reaction to psychometric assessment and in part to explain how we solve problems and create products that have value in our culture. In this paper, I aim to explain the theory, how it might inform teaching and learning, how it addresses social reproduction and cultural diversity, and its implications for pedagogy.

Life's Progression, A Semester 1 Biography of Learning, 8(4)

Katrine Montmarquette

This narrative reveals one of the clearest and most enlightening moments of learning in my life. It documents the process and struggle I went through towards further self discovery and from this journey stems the answer to a question that I now realize is within many of us. This prose highlights my growing awareness of myself as a learner , beginning with being a passive learner in my early childhood and adolescence, to my current journey of continual self discovery and reflection. It takes the reader through the passage of who I have become as a learner and the experiences that sculpted me while at the same moment it reveals the process and questioning that directed me to an eye opening epiphany

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