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I'll see you at the AERA Annual Meeting (Vancouver, 2012) where I'll be presenting a paper "Complex Adaptive Education Leadership: Toward a Model". I'll also be in a Panel Presentation with other Complexity thinking scholars discussing Complex Change in Education, and I'll be Chairing several sessions as well as being a 'Disucussant' to an amazing set of Open University papers on Distributed Learning (Netherlands) for Dr. Terry Anderson

See you there!


Right now,I am running in the Election for the AECT - Asociation for Education Communications and Technology - Board Appointment (2012 to 2015): Systemic Change Division) for 2012-2013.


I'm also serving for a wonderful new EU initiative called ESSIE, as a member of their editorial review board. the European Society for Systemic Innovation in Education, connected to eLearning Europa promises new chances to network ideas across important, changing education sectors. What is common in this work across contintents is an emerging understanding that, to various degrees we are all experiencing the same need to change education .. from complicated to complex systems.... From structures that are rather rigid to relations that are fluid (and meaninful to learners and leaders).


I'm delighted and honored to be part of the Future Minds (TCT) strategic initiative with Co-Directors Dr. Reigeluth (Indiana)/ Dr. Duffy (Washington) who are developing critical new system development frameworks to assist ventures like the Education System Renewal. The FutureMinds Advisory Board includes great minds from the Drucker Foundation, ASCD, Dr. Dede at Harvard, Dr.Darling-Hammond at Stanford, Dr. Kaufman at FSU and many innovative education system leaders including the KnowledgeWorks foundation in Cincinnatti, OH.





Professors here teach 5 courses per academic year and supervise > 7 theses students.


Designing Change

Masters & Doctoral:

Leading Change


Knowing Change in a Changing Profession


(Selected) Publications and Teaching

(See my profile for other links too - I've published over 120 cool items in collaborations and solo....)

In press: A chapter with Joel Lewis at Southern Alabama State in the Edited book on Leading Higher Education with Technology (in press for 2012). I write about the need, when leading complex organizations like universities, to understand the interplay between diversity and redundancy.

Ive got proposals out to study policy innovations and the systems that enable learning and leading across school systems in some of the world's top performing K-12 and university systems.. (stay tuned!)

Leadership in Technology-Integrated Organizations is a focus of my research - Can we lead complex knowledge era organization networks where the best of technology, learning and change happens via a new class of next-generation leaders, governors and policies? We must.. our new students expect no less! .


Graduate Supervision / Current Graduate Research Projects


.. here's link to a 'complex' perspective/image 'representring' most of what think I ponder....

A Note to my Graduate Course Students

I am in interdisciplinary scholar studying in the Learning Sciences and Organization Sciences, wherever they are found...

A Note to my Undergraduate Course Students Access these web sites via your Blackboard access.

Graduate Student Research & Supervision - Great new Researchers/Research in the making...

Here are just a few of the emerging and completed student research projectsin my care:

Dr. Claud Naude: (Leadership) completed a study of The Changing Role of Academic Provosts Across Canada (2007)- this was the first Canadian study on how higher education college sysetm leader roles, duties and leadership patterns are changing in information age organizations/systems - Colleges now providing degrees (and research) in Canada..

Dr. Ross Humby: (Leadership) completed a study of NGO Planning and Decision Making (2009) - A New Model for Technology Involved Education System Planning . After completing his PhD, Ross works an instructor at the prestigious Dubai Women's College (Business Faculty). His research impacts our understanding of decision making and curriculum planning in NGOs.

Dr. Fred Krause: (Educational Technology) completed his Ph.D. study of Canada's largest energy companies (2010) and he offers signficant contributions to theory and practice for leaders in large corporations who onboard / orient profesional staff. Fred works in HR at Imperial Oil/Exxon.

Philip Mayson (Educational Technology) completed his MA (2011) study of shifts in learning designs for professionals - and how that is changing within Canada's major telcommunications companies in 2011. He found that complex networks of consultancies and professional instructional designers are coming up with new ways to translate face-to-face training in Canada's major telecom firms by using specific learning and performance design principles to shift a high percentage of learning to blended and online environments - a trend we expect will continue. Since graduating, Philip is with Alberta's Electrial System Regulator AESO.

Really excellent doctoral studies in progress:

Patricia Lillian Hull (Leadership) (2012) is an EdD student completing the first national study (Canada) of Canadian University nursing Deans. She's finding important new facts about these both entrepreneurial and conservator professional school leaders as they emerge to provide intenstive research and care for a burgeoning/changing profession. She'll complete in Spring, 2012.

Wilson Warren (Leadership) is an Ed D student who's writing his final versions of a study about how school leaders across a province organized their responses (and actualized) new video conferencing policies (2012). He's looking at the nature of collaborative decision making across changing networks of relations between leaders across a wide geographic area.

Peter Holowka (Educational Technology) is an Ed D student studying the changing nature of the Chief Learning Officer in Schools, and how they understand/realize strategic planning in learning organizations undergoing extensive fiscal and policy change.

Faye Bres, (Leadership) PhD student is investigating how complex learning organizations learn and emerge in unsteady-state, constant flux conditions- what could be more helpful for a world where organziations are NOT static, where people are not in the same role continuously, and where the rate of change in the work we do with one another is changing more rapidly than ever!

Bharati Singh (Leadership) is a PhD student begining in the fall of 2012. She's interested in complex emerging leader groups and how technology-savvy leader networks will transform high-performing education systems for a new generation of outstanding learning experiences.

Some students in my graduate supervision portfolio are working on these (great) research probjects at the doctoral and masters levels:

(3) Superintedence 3.0 - What makes high powered and highly effective school leadership in change-ready states. As well, the students I'm invited to supervise in the MBA program at Royal Roads University PhD study at the University of Saskatchewan (Faculty of Engineering). These students are researching:

(1) Governance and Leader Values in a new era of regulation and

(2) Theories about Engineering Design Learning Environments for Generation Y - A Multiple Case Study of Exemplary Canadian Engineering Design Schools (funded by CISCO).

These students are doing work that will impact thousands of leaders, learners and many large education and business organizations in the complex, ever-changing information age.

Welcome SOLEON solar car engineering and instructional design students who are teaming with my Instructional Design grad classes to design and implement team training and renewal programming as well as new 'green' curriculum for K-12 learning curriculum in Alberta. A joint project between the faculties of Education and Engineering / U of C.


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