The Messiah

A. Meaning of the Word:

Anointed--A person whose hair has been smeared with oil.

Part of the standard ritual for appointing a
The term is used to designate a Jewish ruler from the family of King David who will rule over Israel in the future

B. Biblical Prophecy and the Messianic Idea:

1. General Themes:

Source Belief
Threats of approaching catastrophe if Israel fails to obey God Catastrophic future: Punishment of sinners.
Consolation: Obedience to God will lead to rewards, perfect world.Utopian World
Revenge on Israel's Enemies.Defeat of evil nations of the world.

2. Specific Themes:

Announcement by Elijah (Stated in Malachi 3:23 [4:5])
"War of Gog and Magog" (Described in Ezekiel 38-9).
Resurrection of the DeadWhy then?

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