Main Types of Talmudic Literature

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Halakhah (Law) Aggadah [=Haggadah] (Not Law: Does include: Biblical interpretation, ethical maxims, stories, folklore, etc.
Midrash (attached to Bible. Usually for traditions that were derived from the Bible. Halakhic Midrash: [="Tannaitic Midrash"]: Commentaries to most of the Torah by the schools of Rabbi Akiba and Rabbi Ishmael Aggadic midrash [almost entirely from the Amoraic period]
Mishnah (independent of the Bible. Useful for non-Biblical "Oral Law" traditions, enactments, etc.) The Mishnah (by Rabbi Judah the Prince).
Very rare: e.g. Tractate Avot ("Ethics of the Fathers")

The Six Orders of the Mishnah:

Major Topics

1. Zera'im (Seeds):

2. Mo'ed (Times):

3. Nashim (Women):

4. Neziqin (Damages)

5. Qodashim (Sacred things):

6. Toharot (Purity):

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