Important note: The following test is intended to demonstrate the structure and format of a standard RelS 201 mid-term test. The course is not always taught in the same way, and therefore not all the questions contained here will necessarily be applicable to the current version of the course.

The University of Calgary
Department of Religious Studies
Religious Studies 201--XX

Mid-Term Test: Judaism

Prof. E. Segal

Section One: Answer 1 of the following questions in the examination booklet (Your essay should be approximately 1 1/2 single-spaced pages long):

Section One
(out of 35)

  1. Discuss some of the ways in which the themes of exile and return have influenced Jewish literature, religious ideas and/or religious practice.
  2. "Both issues of belief and of religious law have served as causes for disagreement and division between sects and movements in Judaism." Discuss the truth of this statement with respect to any two eras in Jewish history.

Section Two: Answer 4 of the following questions in the space provided or on the reverse side of this sheet (Each answer is worth 6 points):

  1. What is the position of the Pentateuch in Judaism?

    Section Two
    (out of 25)

  2. Briefly describe one of Ezra's contributions to Judaism.

  3. What is the original meaning of the name "Israel"?

  4. According to Fisher, how did Jewish tradition understand the statement that humans were created in "the image of God"?

  5. Summarize Maimonides' understanding of the ideal of "love of God."

Section Three: Answer 4 of the following questions on this sheet: Indicate your choice by circling the correct letter (Each question is worth 4 points).

Section Three
(out of 16)

  1. Which of the following was not a policy of the Sadducees?
  2. The festival of Tabernacles (booths, Sukkot) commemorates:
  3. The term T'fillin (phylacteries) refers to:
  4. The importance of Abraham to Jewish tradition derives from the fact that:
  5. The "meeting place" in which Jews meet to read the Torah and worship communally is known as:

Section Four: Define four of the following terms in the space provided or on the reverse of this sheet: (Each answer is worth 5 points).

Section Four
(out of 24)

  1. Prophet

  2. Ark of the Covenant.

  3. Midrash

  4. The Shema Israel ("Hear O Israel").
    (out of 100)

  5. Seder.

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