Bibliography on Medieval Jewish Philosophy

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General Works

General: Reference BM50 .E52 1971
Encyclopedia Judaica New York Macmillan 1971-72
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General: Journal BM1 .A78
AJS Review Cambridge Mass.
General: Journal BM1 .J67
Journal of Jewish Studies Oxford
General: Journal DS101 .J57
Jewish Quarterly Review Philadelphia
General: Journal BM11 .H42 V.35 1964
Hebrew Union College Annual Cincinnati
General: Journal DS101 .R48
Révue des études juives Paris
General: Journal BM1 .T7
Tradition New York
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Proceedings of the American Academy for Jewish Research

General: Conference Proceedings BM30 .W67 8TH 1981
Proceedings of the World Congress of Jewish Studies Jerusalem
General: Journal: Bibliographical BM561 .R47
Reshimat ma'amarim be-mada'e ha-yahadut [Index of Articles in Jewish Studies] Jerusalem
General: Journal: Bibliographical BM1 .I55
Index to Jewish periodicals Cleveland Heights
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Schools of Medieval Jewish Philosophy

Kalam (and Saadia Ga'on)

Kalam B755 .W64 1979 Wolfson, Harry Austryn Repercussions of the Kalam in Jewish philosophy Cambridge, Mass Harvard University Press 1979
Kalam: Saadia BM550 .S281 1946 Altmann, Alexander The book of doctrines and beliefs Oxford East and West Library 1946
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Neoplatonism B755 .J475 1980 Katz, Steven T. Jewish neo-Platonism New York Arno Press 1980
Neoplatonism PJ5050 .I3 Z76 1990 Loewe, Raphael Ibn Gabirol New York Grove Weidenfeld 1990

Aristotelianism (especially Maimonides)

Aristotelianism: Maimonides: Text BM545 .D33 P5 Pines, Salomon The guide of the perplexed Chicago University of Chicago Press 1963
Aristotelianism: Maimonides: Text BM545 .D33 F7 1961 Maimonides, Moses The guide for the perplexed Translated from the Arabic text, by M. Friedlander New York Dover [1961]
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Minor Philosophers B759 .A23 E4813 1989 Ibn Daud, Abraham The Exalted Faith Rutherford NJ Fairleigh Dickinson University Press 1989
Aristotelianism B759 .L43 M5413 1984 Levi ben Gershom The Wars of the Lord Philadelphia Jewish Publication Society 1984

Minor Philosophers

Minor Philosophers BM545 .D35 H39 1986 Hayoun, Maurice R. Moshe Narboni Tübingen Mohr 1986
Minor Philosophers B759 .C374 H47 1982 Herring, Basil Joseph Ibn Kaspi's Gevia Kesef : a study in medieval Jewish philosophic Bible commentary New York KTAV 1982
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Minor Philosophers B485 .C52 W64 1929 Wolfson, Harry Austryn Crescas' critique of Aristotle : problems of Aristotle's Physics in Jewish and Arabic philosophy


Topics in Jewish Philosophy

Topics: Creation B745 .G63 D38 1987 Davidson, Herbert A Proofs for eternity, creation, and the existence of God in medieval Islamic and Jewish philosophy New York Oxford University Press 1987
Topics: Theology BM610 .G66 1996 Goodman, Lenn Evan God of Abraham New York Oxford University Press 1996
Topics: Ethics BM645 .J8 G66 1991 Goodman, Lenn Evan On justice : an essay in Jewish philosophy New Haven Yale University Press 1991
Topics: Evil BJ1401 .L35 1995 Leaman, Oliver Evil and suffering in Jewish philosophy Cambridge Cambridge University Press 1995
Topics: Prophecy BM645 .R5 S56 1969 Sirat, Colette Les théories des visions surnaturelles dans la pensée juive du moyen age


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