Front Page Coverage of Israel Showed Bias [1]

To the Editor:

I would like to protest in the strongest terms possible your recent front-page report of the escape of the so-called Israelite slaves from Egypt (The Star, March 31). Once again, your reportage was coloured by an extreme bias and selective use of facts.

Let me point out some information which was deliberately omitted from the article:

Regarding your depiction of Moses as a "liberator" of his people--I am not aware of anyone ever electing this demagogue to represent his people. To the best of my knowledge his leadership was consistently opposed by the Hebrews, who persisted in expressing their opposition to his regime.

The fact is, of course, that there is no such thing as a "Hebrew people." We are dealing with a group of Canaanite refugees whose lot may be less than desirable, but whose fate should remain an internal problem of the Egyptian monarchy.

The Hebrews were perfectly satisfied with their situation until this "outside agitator" (a disgruntled member of Pharaoh's household) started filling them with unrealistic dreams of national grandeur.

The course of events has proven the correctness of His Godly Majesty's position that unrest is the inevitable result of allowing his subjects too much free expression. Idle hands are indeed the Devil's workshop, and Pharaoh's wise initial reaction was to shorten the leisure time available to the Hebrews by increasing their workload. If they want the luxury of political demonstrations, let them do it on their own time and at their own expense!

You portray our Divine King Pharaoh as stubbornly refusing to give in to the "reasonable" demands of his opponents. You ignore the fact that Moses has an acknowledged history of violent and terroristic activities and is still being sought in connection with the cold-blooded murder of an Egyptian (civilian) construction overseer.

From the beginning Moses's methods have taken the form of terroristic acts directed against the civilian population, and in direct violation of the Nineveh Pact for the control of Atomic, Biological, Chemical and Divine warfare.

Reprinted from the Calgary Jewish Star
Moses has not shied away from wholesale pollution of the rivers, soil, air and animal life. His incursion against the firstborns and his massacre at the Red Sea drew no distinctions between military and civilian targets, nor between social classes or political leanings. The continued successes of his untrained band against mightier forces confirms our claim that he has been secretly aided by foreign powers, probably Canaanites or Hyksos.

Pharaoh's refusal to submit is consistent with our policy of not negotiating with terrorists.

No reference was made in your article to the astronomical rise in the Hebrews' standard of living, not to mention their numbers, since their admission to Egypt.

Since they were graciously permitted to sojourn in our kingdom over two centuries ago (in spite of constant Hebrew disregard for Egyptian religious sensibilities, as witnessed in their continuing to practise the abominable profession of shepherding, and culminating in their ostentatiously sacrificing our sacred lamb on the eve of their escape!), their lot has steadily improved from one of near-starvation to a situation of full and constructive employment.

Their astonishing demographic increase from seventy to over a million persons in a space of less than two centuries hardly supports their allegations of oppression. Had these people not been stirred up by politically ambitious rabble-rousers, they would have had no cause for dissatisfaction.

Moses and his devious press-secretary Aaron ("coincidentally" his brother--is this not typical of their nepotistic corruption?) have proven themselves less than sincere throughout the course of the negotiations.

From the beginning they tried to arouse international sympathy by asking for only a brief cultic celebration in the wilderness, when they knew all along that their intention was a complete Exodus, as has always been their policy, spelled out in the infamous "Abrahamic Covenant," and ratified recently in the Sinai Pact.

Israelite duplicity is also evident in their binge of borrowing valuables from their unsuspecting, but generous, Egyptian neighbours, just before the planned escape, causing severe damage to our economy. If their aim had been merely their own liberation, as they would wish us to believe, then they need not have resorted to this criminal deed.

There is much more that could be said, but the above should suffice to prove the prejudicial reporting that has typified your coverage of the Israelite-Ancient Egyptian conflict.

Ihknat-Ra XIII


Canadian-Ancient Egyptian Friendship League

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First Publication: JS, April 29 1988. Calgary, April 5

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